Guilford, Connecticut

Dear Mike,

I want to again personally thank you for the outstanding work you did at my property,

as well as your prompt, courteous, and professional nature. You really gave me a sense of

working together, as though you were a long-time friend who was going to help me out with

something beyond my expertise; not just a contractor to do a job and take my money. In

particular I appreciated the opportunity to learn from you, as you were kind enough to answer

the variety of questions I had (some of which had nothing to do with the job!)

When I got home and viewed your work, I felt that you had gone above and beyond

what we had discussed; but I wasn’t surprised. You are an honest man and a skilled

arborist. As a homeowner it’s exciting and relieving to find someone who does a great job

and you know you can trust, and I look forward to working with you again should I ever need

it. I’ll be recommending you to anyone who asks.

Over my vacation I ended up renting a commercial chipper and doing all of the limbs

under 6” and in doing so created a very nice mulch boundary with the woods. We’re very

excited to get a fence up for our kids, and have been enjoying the (safer and) more beautiful

view. Additionally, it’s looking like six cords of firewood out of the trees, which our stove will

happily consume this winter and next. Thank you again for making this possible.


David and Aleksandra Leighton

Saw Mill Hill Road, Guilford