Essex Tree Service

Essex Tree Service

Thank you for stopping by our Essex Tree Service page! We look forward to providing you with quality Connecticut tree and shrub services. It is common for a tree to be hazardous due to structural deficiencies or may need to be removed for space considerations; this cannot be done just by anyone. Eastern Tree Experts provide services that vary from tree removal to tree preservation. We travel all around Connecticut, and have been doing so for over 30 years.

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Essex is part of tri-town area that includes locations as Deep River, and Chester, as well as Essex. With such lush grounds in Essex, CT our team provides the proper tree and shrub preservation to maintain your trees and your property be healthy as it can. We use the finest state of the art Organic Bio-fertilizers and Organic Bio-stimulants to initiate and obtain a strong root environment for your trees and shrubs. We also provide a diagnosis and treatment of insects and disease by our certified and licensed arborists, which will help in the care of a healthy environment to your property.

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Emergency Tree Services

For emergency tree services in Connecticut, give us a quick call at (888) 338-8733. Our team will respond to your tree emergencies quickly. Eastern Tree Experts team is highly experienced with the technical removal of damaged and fallen trees. Their state of the art equipment and techniques have resulted in a safe completion of your project. Please note, we service all of Connecticut and other locations include:

Madison, East Haven, Chester, Killingworth, Stonington, Wallingford, Westbrook, and more!

Feel free to contact us for any Connecticut location @ (860) 767-3932